Crypto Pension Fund.

As this concept may already exist. In some form or another.

The problem the present pension systems have so far are that they are only available to people with access to money and who are working.

I would like to see a pension fund system. That we will build from the ground up. Meaning funding will start from the bottom as well.

This fund will be intended for people who live in countries that do not have a system at all. Or no access to a private system at all.

Such ideal places be for people who live in some countries in Africa that have high inflation.

Bitcoin allows access to funds to anyone and everyone.

We do not have to get permission from bank or 3rd party to transfer funds to anyone in the world.

Our fund will be backed by Bitcoin. People can fund their accounts with any currency. We will have access to an exchange service. Therefore people will be able to use any crypto they wish to fund their accounts.

We will have the return in a few major cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other currencies. Which at this time is not determined.

Of course with different countries around the world. There are many different rates of inflation for everyone. Now with this fund. This allows anyone have access to the fund.

As I am labelling this as a pension fund. This may not necessary be a pension for some time. Will take time to get funded and attention by other people.

However this is something that would function on the global scale.

As to the ways you can have access to the pension. The determination on that is not known yet. In some countries, it is determined by age and years of service.

Since this is more of a private fund. The requirements will be different.

Now even when the fund starts to get to some people in time. It may be small. Which all determines how much people are able to pay into. How long you can pay in to. Etc.

This factors will be determined in the future.

Now some countries may have a monthly salary of $0.77 USD a month. which can be seen as low.

For now well at least in situation like that. A person could get a pension of $0.25 a month. Maybe which would be better then nothing. Of course over time that pension fund be better. In fact if the funding goes well.

This pension fund could pay out better then some monthly salaries in some countries.

What do you think of this idea so far?

What types of places should a pension fund be accessible?

What type of requirements do you think would work for someone to get a pension paid to them?

Do you think there is a need for a pension fund to low income countries and people in the world?

Do you think a global funded pension is good idea?

I want to hear your feedback on this. As this will help plan this out. More feedback the better. Look forward to your thoughts.

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