What is Socialism

This is part of my series about different forms of economics and society version. As this does all tie into the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Today I like to tell you about Socialism and what it really is. Do you know the different between Socialism and Capitalism. What about communism and democracy . Can come down to many ideas on all of this.

Socialism is based on the public ownership and control of property and natural resources. This is a case of saying where the people live in cooperation with one another vs doing so as an individual. In terms for anyone who contributes to the production is entitle to share and part of the product or service. This is all for the benefit for all members of that society.

The origin of socialism comes from the Industrial Revolution. However this can be seen as going further back over thousand years in the clear mindset.

Nowadays, the term refers to a wide swathe of the left-wing political thought. Some socialists believe that workers or communities should manage businesses as stakeholders, what is known as a cooperative, while others advocate for varying degrees of governmental ownership and administration. You can often get a system of having a division of non market and free market situations at times. Non-market socialism involves replacing factor markets and money with engineering and technical criteria based on calculation performed in-kind, thereby producing an economic mechanism that functions according to different economic laws from those of capitalism. The methods on the market when looking at the currency rates and bring in a direction of profit while in turn one must look at the social programs and figure out a benefit on both sides.

Socialism can be seen as an economic idea to gives the employee more power of ownership. It does seem now in many countries you sometimes see a mix of socialism and capitalism at times as well. For sure in the European countries where you see a welfare system along side the free market. At same time you do see programs of public health care, government funded post secondary education and many social welfare programs.

For socialism is in orientation works in national and international methods which can over take the rules of trade unions and other systems in the industrial and developing countries.

This comes with a major debate by many of it’s effectiveness of public systems to the free market system. With the free market can bring more freedom to the user where the private system can make decisions quicker and changes more quickly.

There are many different types of socialism which we could really go for a long period describing each one. I will do a separate section on each on as there is so much information to cover.

Some types of Socialism is Anarchism

then there is Democratic socialism

Leninism and precedents , and even Religious socialism

In general there are many types of socialism. Some people often generalized the term socialism too much and get the wrong message.

I will be making more content later on the types of socialism later on.

Now it is your turn to tell us what you think about socialism and if you think it is good way to run a society or country.

Thanks again

Our mission statement for Exciting World Cryptos. Is in the education and guidance of all persons, rich or poor, man or woman. Short or tall. For Success

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Exciting World Cryptos

Exciting World Cryptos

Our mission statement for Exciting World Cryptos. Is in the education and guidance of all persons, rich or poor, man or woman. Short or tall. For Success

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