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3 min readJun 15, 2021


Good day from Exciting World Of Content. I like to bring to you all something of great important that should be of attention to.

That situation is how so many people out there are ignoring science based facts and believing on things based on hearsay.

In recent times we have seen a major increase in people who believe that the Earth is flat. Also many of those flat Earth people also are anti gravity, anti science and anti government. Many will say that almost all things taught in school or anything that comes from something based on research is a lie. Many of those people believe that the organization of NASA is lying about all the moon landings and any space explorations that were done in the past.

The thing that is odd about all of these believers on those terms.

Many also believe in space aliens and that many have landed and are living amongst us.

For aliens to have landed on Earth would have to be a science based fact. However there is strong evidence that there are no aliens on Earth at all. At least not yet. Even with some of the UFO stories. The proof is not there at all.

In my opinion made up stories and fake photos people make.

Even in the recent year with the “19”. There were so many people out there ignorant to the facts around the “19”. Even with the information clear coming from the health authorities and people who actually study such things. People were in more of the direction to ignore the facts and go by something made up by someone else speaking on some type of podcast and social media. Many people who listen to these type of people consider it as the real truth.

So does that mean if i read a science book or encyclopedia. Does that make the information in these well written books is all false? All these labs out there are just a show to bring out results that are lies?

Is this the vision people are looking at? Maybe someone failed their science class in high school. So therefore now, they will justify everything taught is just a lie and they were picked on and cheated out of the system.

Are we now in a stage in which if you do not like something, you just dismiss it and everything will be ok.

If you lived in the forest and there was a big fire nearby. Someone tells you to leave because of the fire. Would you just ignore it and pretend it is not there and wait for the fire to burn your house down?

What do you think is the direction people are thinking these days?

Are we in an era of where people will just ignore the facts to many things and just move on?

Or is science still accepted and people still take facts seriously to any situation?

What do you think on this?



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