Just thought I like to get feedback from you all. In these times we are seeing so many people out there ignorant of the real facts. Even right now with the Illness going on, we are seeing people who claim Covid-19 is a fake illness. Some are just saying the shutdown is fake and is for something else.

The denial of Covid-19 is not the only thing that is being ignored on the truth. Think on things as we are seeing the uprising in people who believe the Earth is flat. That you are not allowed to visit Antarctica. Which is wrong, as I am a travel person myself and have done a cruise to Antarctica and yes the Earth is round.

We are seeing people just in denial of science from even from politicians. Lots from the USA President on many issues of science facts. Why are people going to denial of science and other things. When the proof is right in front of you or if it is written in the records from many years ago.

Another big thing people deny is the Moon landings. The science behind the film footage is proving the landings did happen. Yet many people claim they did not happen. Many of these claim everything is a conspiracy theory.

Why would one just deny something that happened. When things did happen? Is this a case of people want to live in a bubble? Is this lack of education?

What would be the requirements for people want to be in denial of something?

What are your thoughts on people who deny the truth of anything? thanks

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